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Tara Dewa Onlus welcomes you to its new website!
We've tried to include as much information as possible in the various sections, so as to give an overall idea about our association and about our projects, ideas and dreams...
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Who we are

Tara Dewa is a registered charity (no-profit organisation) born in Treviso (Italy) by the initiative of Ngawang Wanggyal, Tibetan born in Nepal, and his wife Elisabetta.
Our purpose is to cooperate and offer solidarity to people in the Southern part of the world, and in particular to the people of Tibetan culture. We wish to relieve their suffering caused by extreme poverty as much as possible.



Since the situation of the Tibetan people is very difficult it is necessary to find forms of helping them to survive and preserve their cultural identity.
Tara Dewa Onlus has already started a project in Nepal - Tara Dewa Children’s Home - for children, guaranteeing them the necessary education and looking after them, something that is important for them but also to their families and community.