Tara Dewa is a registered charity (no-profit organisation) born in Treviso (Italy) by the initiative of Ngawang Wanggyal, Tibetan born in Nepal, and his wife Elisabetta.
Our purpose is to cooperate and offer solidarity to people in the Southern part of the world, and in particular to the people of Tibetan culture. We wish to relieve their suffering caused by extreme poverty as much as possible.

Tara Dewa Onlus is active in Nepal working together with its partner organisation Tara Dewa NGO Nepal, that has been officially registered and recognized by the Nepalese government.
At the moment help is given to  children and adolescents regarding education and health conditions and some aid is offered also to adults facing emergency situations.
Tara Dewa Onlus is also trying to heighten the awareness about human righs, violence and emargination.
Particularly it is focussing its attention on the situation in Tibet and of the Tibetan people whose rights are constantly violated.
Another aim is to make Tibetan culture and philosophy better known.

No member of Tara Dewa Onlus is getting paid for his or her efforts, but we are trying to pay a monthly contribution to the local staff looking after the children at Tara Dewa Children’s Home.

Useful Links:
- Download Tara Dewa Onlus Statute (PDF in english)