A "family-home" for children and adolescents, mostly of Tibetan cultural origin, from rural areas in Nepal. Due to the difficult social and economic conditions of their families who survive on agriculture, even a basic education for them is a luxury they cannot afford.
Tara Dewa Children's Home is looking after these children guaranteeing them the possibility to live their childhood without worries : they don't have to work to survive, they can get a good education, a place to live, healthy food, clothing and love and caring as you get only in a family.
The children attend tibetan schools where they receive a complete education, i.e. all subjects are taught in English and the Tibetan and Nepalese languages are studied. They are also special classes on "tibetan culture and traditions": music, dance, art and theatre...
These schools provide a degree recognized in Nepal that allows the access to the university or the world of work.
Nepalese state schools unfortunately do not provide a suitable education to these children, on the one hand because English is not taught much - and in a country living on tourism a good knowledge of English is essential - and on the other only Nepali is spoken and most of these children at school age only speak Tibetan. Apart from that Nepalese culture is completely different from Tibetan culture and Tara Dewa Onlus considers essential to educate these children in such a way that they will not forget their cultural and religious identity.
In any case we always try to find the school that is best suited for every individual child.

In short, these are Tara Dewa Children’s Home aims:
-   finding poor children who need help and guarantee them the possibility to go to school and get an education
-   offering them a home and the necessary care to make them feel loved as if they were at home with their families
-   providing for basic needs like clothing, medicines and all the necessary care
-   trying to render these children independent for their future, so they can contribute to   the developing and improving the conditions of their community

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