Despite the fact that our society is becoming more and more multi-ethnic and multicultural, however we often forget that we, too, were immigrants in recent history. So we look with contempt at those who emigrate from poor countries towards Western society to escape their condition of extreme poverty.
In order not to forget and teach children to look at the world with a fresh glance, Tara Dewa organises days of intercultural education in schools, showing children concrete examples of other children of their age, who like themselves only wish to be happy but have to live with the daily suffering of not possessing anything, not even the opportunity to go to school.

If we are asked to do so, we are happy to come to your school, so you can discover and learn about Tibetan and Nepalese history, culture and tradition. To show you where the Tibetan and Nepalese people live we can show you video tapes  and photographs.
Ngawang Wanggyal will tell you stories about the daily life of children who live in a village in the Himalayans; he himself knows those villages well, because he too grew up there. He will also answer the questions students may ask in order to satisfy their curiosity.