Since the situation of the Tibetan people is very difficult it is necessary to find forms of helping them to survive and preserve their cultural identity.
Tara Dewa Onlus has already started a project in Nepal - Tara Dewa Children’s Home - for children, guaranteeing them the necessary education and looking after them, something that is important for them but also to their families and community.
As soon as possible we also want to start a project for the villagers in the Langtang area to improve their living conditions by supplying materials and credit facilities. In this way the area could develop while at present is only agriculture and animal farming.
Tara Dewa Onlus is promoting awareness campaigns in favor of the "Tibetan cause" and of human rights. With this purpose Tara Dewa is also active in schools so as to make children and adolescents aware of cultural diversity and of the exchange between different cultures.

We have many dreams...
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