How to support our projecs?

Becoming a member
Becoming a member of Tara Dewa Onlus, by paying the annual membership fee of 15 Euro , helps  our association to be able to go ahead with the projects and aims that it has in mind.
As a member you are part of the association yourself. You can contribute your ideas to the developing of new projects. You can take part in meetings and can decide on internal matters. Furthermore, you will constantly be updated about the news regarding Tara Dewa by our newsletter.

Sponsoring a child
You can help Tara Dewa Onlus by sponsoring a child at Tara Dewa Children’s Home in Nepal.
Read about the sponsorship programme !!!

Even if you don't feel you want to get involved long-term by becoming a sponsor for a child, you can help with a once only donation. Any donation is very welcome and important because it helps us to keep up the projects that have already started (expecially for the maintenance of Children's Home) and develop future ones. Moreover it makes possible to create an emergency fund.

Do you agree with our aims and purposes?
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