You can help Tara Dewa by becoming the sponsor for a child at Tara Dewa Children’s Home in Nepal.
A proper sponsorship programmer needs continuity, not only to guarantee the financial support, and thus for the child being able to continue his or her studies, but especially because there is a bond of solidarity and affection; should it be necessary for you to stop your contribution please let us know in time.
If you decide to sponsor a child you can chose one or more of the recommended options, knowing however that a small part of what goes to the child will also be used for the upkeep of all children and for the running of the Children's Home. We think that this is a fair solution, avoiding the risk that some children may be privileged more than others ...

a. €20 a month (240€ a year): material needed for going to school (books and notebooks, pads, etc), school uniforms, clothing, medicines etc...
b. €25 a months (300€ a year): school fees (approximate amount: it depends on which class the child attend) and transport.
c. €30 a month (360€ a year): board and lodging and a contribution to the running costs of the children's home

Both single people or groups of people who decide to share the costs can become sponsors for a child (for ex families, friends, work colleagues, etc. …)

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Writing to children

When you start being a sponsor you will be sent a picture and personal information about the child; thereafter once a year you will sent the school report so you can see the progress in his or her studies , but you will be updated more frequently about how the child is getting on in general.
If you want, you can write directly in English  introducing yourself and telling the child that you are the new Sponsor. This will allow you to build a special relationship with the child and the family. But you will need to have a little patience, because on average it may take a couple of months, sometimes even a little longer before you will receive an answer to your letter.
For those children and families who cannot comunicate in English, we will keep the contact for you, translating from Tibetan.
This is possible also if you prefer to write in your own language. In your letter you can also enclose also photographs and postcards, the children love to receive them !
Sometimes parcels may get stolen and risk not to reach their destination. So please be careful and avoid to send things of value. The safest way of sending things at the moment is by International Registered mail , since mail sent in other ways often risks not reaching its destination.